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Phase 2 Orthodontics Overview

Once most of your child's permanent  teeth have erupted (generally between 11 – 13), this is an opportune time to begin Phase II orthodontic treatment at BIETSCH Orthodontics. At this stage in his or her development, the teeth and jaws will show their position and contribution to the bite.  If your child was monitored and treated in Phase I, Dr.  Bietsch, will have many years worth of documentation, patterns of growth, and more to study that will help to make treatment decisions that best suit your child's orthodontic needs. Whether or not your child had their Phase I treatment at our office here in Prosper, TX, our team, alongside Dr. Bietsch, would be happy to have your child complete their Phase II treatment with us! If your child is ready for Phase II, call our office for a consultation appointment to begin the next step in their orthodontic journey.

About Phase 2 Orthodontics

Your child's consultation for Phase II is much like the Phase I consultation appointment. We will perform an examination of the teeth and jaw, plus take photographs and X-rays to map out the entire mouth and dental relationship.  In Phase II, the type of orthodontic treatment needed may include: traditional metal braces, self-ligating braces, aligners, retainers, oral appliance therapy, surgical orthodontics, or other options. Children at Phase II age will experience their orthodontic treatments with reduced discomfort, shorter treatment time, and will have less adjustment visits in our office.

Add Color To Your Smile with Phase 2 Orthodontics

What to Expect with Phase 2 Orthodontics

Depending on what type of appliance or braces the orthodontist helps you decide is best for your child, this will determine how Phase 2 will be implemented. The good news is that by Phase 2, many of your child's peers will be getting braces on and your child may be ready or even eager to get their braces on, too. At this age, pre-teens and teenagers are usually very self-conscious about their appearance. Investing in their smile will not only improve their aesthetic appearance, but will boost their self-esteem in the long run. Once treatment is over, we love seeing their beautiful smiles.

Aftercare for Phase 2 Orthodontics

No matter if your child has braces or wears a removable appliance, oral hygiene is very important. You may need to create a packet with floss, a toothbrush, and toothpaste for your child to take to school to brush his or her teeth during school hours. Keeping the teeth clean while wearing any orthodontic appliance will help prevent tooth decay. Having bacteria sitting on the teeth all day is a mistake that can lead to cavities, discoloration of the teeth, and gum tissue problems. A lot of these common problems (and more dental bills) can be prevented simply by brushing and flossing the teeth.

Your orthodontist will also schedule follow-up appointments as needed to document the progress of the teeth and to make adjustments as needed. Dental examinations and regular dental cleanings will also be required. Don't skip your child's regular dental appointments because he or she is seeing an orthodontist! Protect your investment and have your primary dentist make sure there are no other problems, such as cavities or gum issues.

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When you are ready for Phase 2, start by calling BIETSCH Orthodontics. We invite you to call us for a Phase 2 complimentary examination at our practice in Prosper, TX.  Dr. Bietsch and our talented team have many years of experience, and we will help you determine the best treatments for your child. Phase 2 orthodontic treatment can save you and your child a lot of time (faster treatment and adjustment sessions, less time in appliances, and more), so he or she will be on the way to a beautiful, healthy smile.

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