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Invisalign® Teen Overview

Teens with over or under bites, rotated or crooked teeth, or spacing issues (overcrowding or gapped teeth) may qualify for a spectacular orthodontic treatment called Invisalign Teen. Just like the adult version, Invisalign Teen can correct teeth in less than 2 years! At BIETSCH Orthodontics, we see teenage patients with their parents at the consultation stage of the process to discuss how ready the teen is for this type of orthodontic treatment. Many parents express their worries about their son or daughter not following through with treatment because it is removable or the aligner may get lost. Dr. Tom Bietsch is prepared to answer these questions, and explain why Invisalign Teen is such a great product for this age group. 

Invisalign Teen makes life with orthodontics so much simpler. There are no food restrictions with Invisalign Teen and teeth can be brushed and flossed as normal. Don't want your aligners in all your special photos? Take it out to snap your school or prom pictures. Anxious about playing in the big game with a sports guard and an aligner in your mouth? Keep it in the case until your activity is over. Life doesn't have to stop for braces and with Invisalign Teen, you get the best of both worlds: invisible and removable. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teen's teeth, come into our office in Prosper, TX, and talk to our orthodontist about your options.

About Invisalign® Teen

What makes Invisalign Teen different from Invisalign? Many of our patient's parents are weary of allowing their teen to have the responsibility of keeping and caring for expensive aligners during their orthodontic treatment. It's a huge investment in time and money and Dr. Bietsch is aware of these factors when it comes to teenage patients. Rest assured parents, Invisalign Teen has three excellent features that will help ensure your teen will end up with the beautifully straight smile, such as:

  • Compliance indicators: The aligners have a spot on the back part of the appliance that wears off with use. Dr. Bietsch will be able to tell if the teen is not wearing the aligners long enough or if he or she is not wearing them at all. This will help keep the teens accountable for wearing the product 20 – 22 hours a day, which keeps the treatment on schedule. Non-compliance issues mean the teen will be in treatment longer.
  • Eruption tabs: The makers of Invisalign Teen understand that not all our teen patients will have in their final molars or "wisdom teeth." They have made Invisalign Teeth aligners with eruption tabs to leave space for the final molars so that they can grow in the right place without overcrowding the other teeth. Regular Invisalign aligners do not come with this feature.
  • Extra replacement aligners: We plan for mishaps and lost aligners by including 6 replacement aligners in the normal treatment plan. Accidents happen and we all misplace things from time to time. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Bietsch is just a call and an office visit away from a replacement.

During an Invisalign Teen consultation, Dr. Bietsch will take several images (photographs and X-rays) from different angles of the teeth and facial profile and make an impression of your teeth. Clear, acrylic aligners can be made from the impressions, which are crafted to perfectly fit the your teeth.

What to Expect with Invisalign® Teen

The teen and their parent(s) will attend the consultation appointment with Dr. Bietsch to discuss treatment goals, how the teen feels about having an orthodontic appliance, and what will be expected during the correction period (1 – 2 years for optimal results). Dr. Bietsch will determine the length of treatment time for the Invisalign products to realign the teeth and the  teen will visit our office for new aligners every 4 to 6 weeks (as needed for adjustment). Patients should expect to have several, regular check-ups with Dr. Bietsch to document their progress and compliance and to make adjustments when needed. If the teen is of driving age, please discuss with our team if the teen is allowed to come to appointments without a parent.

Aftercare for Invisalign® Teen

 Parents, your teen will need to visit our orthodontist office about every 2 weeks to have the Invisalign Teen aligner replaced, which is about the same amount of time you would spend if your teen had traditional braces.  Not only will your orthodontist be replacing the aligner, documenting the progress in the movement of the teeth, but will also check for how your teen is doing with compliance. Invisalign Teen has a built-in compliance indicator that will show the orthodontist if your teen is wearing the appliance regularly or if he or she needs to be wearing it more often. The indicator will help your teen be more accountable for wearing the aligner for the majority of their day (while awake and asleep).

Also, keep in mind that the patient will be able to brush and floss without the obstacle of metal braces. Invisalign Teen will need to be removed for eating and it is a good habit to make sure the teeth are clean before the aligner is snapped back into place. Invisalign Teen promotes a healthy oral hygiene regime without difficulty. 

Other Considerations for Invisalign® Teen

There can be a lot of pressure put on our teens to have good grades, participate in multiple extra-curricular activities and sports at school, maintain friendships, and to have the same appearance as their peers.  Many teens refuse to have orthodontic care because they don't want to wear traditional metal braces. This is unfortunate because we can offer so many different options in orthodontics today. Invisalign Teen in an excellent example of how teens can correct their teeth inconspicuously and go about their normal activities without interruption. 

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Clearly Cool & Confident with Invisalign® Teen

Many teens want a picture-perfect smile but feel uneasy about traditional orthodontics (metal braces, elastics, headgear, and more). At BIETSCH Orthodontics, we will walk our teenage patients through the process and discuss how Invisalign Teen can accomplish a beautiful and clearly confident smile! Call Dr. Bietsch's office and set up an appointment for your complimentary consultation today.

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