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Forsus Overview

At BIETSCH Orthodontics in Prosper, TX, we offer our patients the Forsus appliance for braces, which is an alternative to headgear that gives our patients many benefits, such as possibly eliminating the need for jaw surgery, improving the fit of teeth, improving an overjet, and promoting growth for our teen patients. The best news about the Forsus is that it is well hidden inside the cheek and back of the mouth. The Forsus, also known as a fatigue resistance appliance for braces or Forsus springs, is easy to wear and maintain for patients of all ages. Dr. Bietsch provides patients with a complimentary consultation in his office and he invites you to make an appointment today.

About the FORSUS

The Forsus is used for patients that have an upper jaw excessively forward of the lower jaw.  They cannot be taken off of the braces unless the Dr. Bietsch removes them and can quickly  installed in a single appointment.  Patients find that the Forsus is easier to wear than headgear and in the end the outcome is the same or better than if the patient wore headgear.

What to Expect from Forsus

You can expect to have an adjustment period to the new springs (Forsus) in your mouth. Soreness in the treatment area is not uncommon. Each patient has a different level of pain tolerance, but should expect the mouth, teeth, and/or gums to be tender for several days. The good news is that the Forsus provides faster results than traditional headgear and can be removed once the correction is complete even if the braces are not ready to come off. You can also take over-the-counter pain reliever to help ease the pain during the Forsus adjustment period.

Aftercare with Forsus

We advise our patients with Forsus to stay away from sticky, chewy, and hard foods that can potentially break or interfere with their function.  It is very important to take care of your teeth with proper brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash when you have a Forsus applied to your braces to prevent unnecessary bacteria and food debris in the mouth, which promotes gum disease and tooth decay. 

It is also still very important to keep all of your dental appointments for check-ups and dental cleanings with your primary dentist when you have braces. This way, your dentist can detect if you have tooth decay or if you are not properly brushing and flossing your teeth while the braces are on.

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Learn More About The FORSUS

If you would like to learn more about the Forsus appliance and if it may be of a benefit to your orthodontic care, please call our BIETSCH Orthodontics office. Our friendly patient coordinator will gladly set up a consultation for you with Dr. Bietsch. We will discuss with you all the benefits of the Forsus if you or your child qualify for this treatment.

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