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ClearCorrect Aligners Overview

Not interested in traditional braces, but would really like straighter teeth? At  BIETSCH Orthodontics, we offer several options besides traditional braces, such as ClearCorrect. Also known also as invisible braces, ClearCorrect is an excellent alternative for patients who want to fix their smile by wearing removable aligners that are inconspicuous, comfortable to wear, and cause no disruption in eating, speaking, or oral hygiene. If you would like to learn more about ClearCorrect, contact our office, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bietsch.

About ClearCorrect Aligners

When you come in to our office for a ClearCorrect consultation, Dr. Bietsch will review your dental history, perform an oral exam, and take diagnostic imaging of your teeth, mouth, and jaw, as well as impressions of your teeth to help build you a customized treatment plan.  These are then sent to Clearcorrect and a set of custom aligners (made of clear plastic), will be created for your mouth so that precise changes can be made to your teeth. Dr. Bietsch will have you come in for follow-up appointments as your teeth change position, and provide you with the next stage of your treatment and newly made set of aligners.

What to Expect with ClearCorrect Aligners

At your scheduled appointment, our orthodontist will prepare you for impressions, then take photographs and X-rays of your teeth and jaws. The ClearCorrect aligners will be made from the impressions and first set delivered to you.  Dr. Bietsch will check your progress every 4 to 6 weeks and deliver the next stage of aligners as your teeth and bite change. If you lose an aligner, don't worry. We know that aligners get misplaced from time to time by our patients, so we can have replacement aligners made to make sure you continue treatment without waiting for your scheduled appointment. 

How long will your treatment last? Depending on the position of your teeth and severity of correction needed, your prescribed orthodontic care could last 12 – 24 months (or about 3 – 8 phases of treatment).

Aftercare for ClearCorrect Aligners

It is very important to keep your teeth and the ClearCorrect aligner clean so that you do not end up with tooth decay. Brushing your teeth, flossing your gums, and using mouthwash when you take the aligners out to eat is a good habit to start once you begin wearing the appliance. ClearCorrect aligners are easier to maintain than traditional braces as there are no barriers between the teeth and appliance while practicing oral hygiene. You should also keep the aligner clean as well and store it safely while it is not in use.

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Find a Clear Choice In Treatment with ClearCorrect Aligners

Our team at BIETSCH Orthodontics wants to invite you to our office in Prosper, TX to see all the orthodontic treatment options available to you. If you want straighter teeth through ClearCorrect, or invisible braces, we can walk you through the process, see if you qualify, and plan your treatment. While ClearCorrect aligners may not be suitable for all patients, teenagers and adults are excellent candidates, particularly if the patient has problems with an over or under bite, rotated or crooked teeth, crowded teeth, excessive gapping between teeth, or a combination of dental issues. Call today to get started with ClearCorrect!

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