About Dr. Tom Bietsch, Orthodontist

Bietsch Orthodontics

Bietsch Orthodontics offers a mobile orthodontic service to all schools in the Prosper, Celina, and gunter ISD.

Dr. Bietsch's Brace Bus will come to your child's school every 6-8 weeks to see only Dr. Bietsch's patients for adjustment appointments. This reduces the amount of time students miss class for their orthodontic appointment by up to an hour by doing their appointment in Dr. Bietsch's self contained mobile office.





How does it work?

  1. Schedule your child for a Dr. Bietsch's Brace Bus appointment
  2. Your child is escorted from class to the Dr. Bietsch's Brace Bus for treatment. Average time away from class is 20 minutes (not 2 hours)
  3. We will email you a video progress report on what we did for your child that day and notes for the next visit
  4. We will call you later that day to schedule your child's next appointment

That's it!!

What are the benefits?

  1. Parents no longer have to interrupt their day to bring their child to the orthodontist
  2. Students are out of class less
  3. Service is absolutely FREE
  4. Parents do not have to pay for gas to bring their child to the orthodontist
  5. Patient's treatment stays on track by not missing appointments therefore getting their braces off on time or even sooner than expected

Bietsch Orthodontics is so excited to offer this service to our patients and we look forward to expanding this service into the Mckinney ISD, Frisco ISD, and Denton ISD in 2019.